TTR high-light machine


High light no trace injection molding technology system technology introduction

It is a kind of high-gloss no trace rapid heating and cooling injection molding technology. The technique is to rapidly raise the mold surface by means of resistance heating. The surface temperature of the molding cavity reaches above the glass transition temperature of the resin plastic, and then the injection molding begins. After the cavity filling process is completed, the mold surface is immediately converted to a cooling medium to rapidly change the surface properties of the plastic product.

Mold configuration

◆The inner surface of the mold requires very high gloss to ensure the surface quality of the product.

◆In the use of long to pay special attention to mold maintenance, to ensure dry and dust-free.

◆Mold must be insulated, Try to avoid the loss of core temperature.

◆Mold internal inserts try to use the original.

◆Mold core positioning as far as possible using the center position, Forced to reduce heat transfer.

◆Hot and cold mold steel commonly used are: Japan “CENAI”,Germany “GMH”.

High-light no trace injection process

Rapid heating and cooling mold temperature system is the use of Resistance heating and cold water cooling, when the product leaves the cavity, the resistance heating mold, waiting for the mold temperature to the plastic TG value, began to mold the plastic injection mold, after injection molding and packing, power is cut off to inject cooling water. Waiting for the mold temperature to fall (reached the lower limit) after the set value to open the mold to complete the entire injection molding process.

*Elimination of product surface weld lines, weld marks, ripples, silver lines Completely solve the plastic surface shrinkage phenomenon

*Improve product surface finish, so that the surface finish can reach the mirror effect

*Product does not require spray paint processing, improve the yield of 20-30%

*Resolve the fiber floating products produced by fiber phenomenon, making the quality more perfect

*To improve the thin-walled injection molding fluidity and improve product quality and strength

*Making thick-walled molding cycle can be reduced by more than 60%, enhance the mobility of plastic and filling effect

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