High efficiency、High Precision、Reduce Cost、High Safety Injection mould clamping force range:100~220ton

Standard function

Packaging motion(Max. 256 points)

Posture control during traverse

Posture midway descent at release side

Ejector link

Defective product reject circuit

Initial defective product reject circuit

Free packaging motion(115 points×2 stages)

Forward and rotate at removing side


Midway runner release(Move,Revert)

Runner release within mold

Vacuum confirmation unit ( 2 circuit)

Outside safety door area standby

Undercut extract circuit

Start signal of conveyor

Internal memory(for Ma100 molds)

Lock function of setting value

Extraction from fixed mold

Two language exchange(Chinese/English)

Option function

Air nipple circuit in gripper

NT runner cutting

Vacuum confirmation unit ( 4 circuits)

Product gripping 4 circuits

Mold close during ascend

Rotation unit

Ejector return link


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